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THE 105 - Theatre Appreciation
THE 125 - Theatre Production
THE 140 - Theatre History I
THE 141 -Theatre History II
THE 149 - Acting I
THE 245 - Principles of Dramatic Structure (Note that reading lists for THE 245 vary from one semester to the next.)

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Theatre History to 18th Century
Course Content Outline
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Theatre History 18th Century to Present Course Content Outline
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Interesting reading on the English Cycle Plays
Middle English Play Texts

The Castle of Perserverance
(Early English Morality Play)

Sophocles' Theban Plays
Oedipus Rex
Oedipus at Colonus


Here's an interesting article on ancient Greek theatre that came to me from a very talented individual.

Do you know the name of the theatre Shakespeare's company used before they built the Globe?  Click here to read an article about the re-discovery of the Curtain.

The Night of the Iguana


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Video Assignments for Spring 2013

Fundamental Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition
Available in the campus bookstore and at Kendall-Hunt Publishing
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Second Shepard's Play

Second Shepard's Play (Second Copy)

Pre-story to Oedipus Rex
Oedipus Rex


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Much Ado About Nothing

Two Sonnets by Shakespeare

The Tucson Theatre Scene
Example of Play Review #1
Example of Play Review #2
Example of Play Review #3

Waiting for Godot

Wonderful YouTube Video on the Evolution of Contemporary Education as it relates to culture and the arts.

Study Guides for THE 105 Exams
Exam #1 Guide
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Exam #3 Guide

Resources for
Acting Classes

Websites with monologues and scenes:

Here's a good example of STREET THEATRE where 207 people freeze, all at once, for five minutes in NY's Grand Central Station.

The Big Freeze

Here's an example of a Spontaneous Mall Musical that could also be classified street theatre.

Mall Musical

Another Example of a Mass Public   Performance in Europe

Antwerp Grand Central Station Musical

Here is a different kind of flash mob from a typical town square in Belgium

"A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square"

The T housand Handed
God of Mercy

Click on the title above and notice the elements of theatre art in this engaging Asian performance.  Probably very much like Greek theatre.  Lots of focus on color, costume and spectacle.  Even the subject matter probably resembles Greek entertainment.

Greek Theatre

All My Sons

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The Night of the Iguana


The Crucible

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