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Archaeology Centre

Centre for Archaeological Field Training

Course Offerings

Field Courses Laboratory Methods Computer
Topical Seminars Traditional Lecture

Field Courses

Tucson's mild winter climate allows field classes to be taught throughout the traditional school year. The courses are conducted on prehistoric archaeological sites and include training in excavation techniques, methods of archaeological surveying, site mapping, and the recording of archaeological data. Students have the opportunity to use manual equipment as well as field computers and electronic surveying and geophysical instruments.

Archaeological Excavation I & II
Archaeological Surveying I & II
GPS Basics and  Global Positioning Systems
Electronic & Digital Field Mapping

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Laboratory Methods
Materials and information collected in the field are further studied in the context of laboratory courses allowing students to gain proficiency in the techniques and methods of artifact processing, identification, classification and analysis.

Artifact Identification
Archaeology Laboratory

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Computer Cartography & CAD
Through proficiency with optical and electronic instruments, knowledge of field methods and techniques, and use of appropriate software packages, students learn to interpret and produce maps for archaeological applications.

Mapping Concepts
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Computer Cartography & CAD
Electronic & Digital Field Mapping

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Topical Seminars
Special interest topical seminars are offered on a short term basis, as opposed to full semester courses. These hands-on experiential courses are taught by specialists in the field, and provide an introduction to prehistoric technologies and the prehistory of Tucson.

Artifacts and Sites of Tucson
Stone Tool Making

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Traditional Lecture
Students benefit from small class sizes, experienced instructors, and the supporting materials of the Archaeology Centre, as they gain a broad grounding in the four subfields of anthropology.

Human Origins and Prehistory
Buried Cities and Lost Tribes
Introduction to Southwestern Prehistory
Principles of Archaeology

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Note: Pima Community College is one of the few colleges and universities in the United States to offer archaeology courses under a separate listing, rather than only as anthropology classes. All PCC archaeology classes are cross-listed in anthropology so they will easily transfer as anthropology credits. In addition, there are many other anthropology classes which are not cross-listed into archaeology. Check Schedule for a list of Anthropology Courses.

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