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Archaeology Centre

Centre for Archaeological Field Training
West Campus - R20
2202 West Anklam Road Tucson, Arizona 85709
phone: (520) 206-6022      fax: (520) 206-6048

Archaeology at Pima Community College

Over the past 40 years, the Pima Community College Centre for Archaeological Field Training has established itself as the leading community college archaeology field school program in the United States.  Students in the field training program enjoy hands-on learning opportunities with friendly faculty and staff.

A combination of geographic location, institutional resources, and educational philosophy allow this unique and innovative program to develop and flourish while archaeology curricula were found predominantly at major colleges and universities.

The ability of the program to sustain itself is an outgrowth of its curriculum, appeal to a diversity of students, and pioneering efforts in using technologically sophisticated equipment for applications in archaeology.

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