UAV Club News

20 June 2009

Returning sponsor -- Electric Jet Factory

A welcome back to one of our Mission 4 sponsors, Electric Jet Factory, returning for Mission 5.

14 June 2009

New sponsor -- Desert RC

Welcome to new sponsor Desert RC, coming on board today.

3 June 2009

Report posted for 2009 competition

Paper submitted for 2009 competition available here.

1 Nov 2008

Hovering vehicle

Sonar rangefinders were used for both obstacle detection and altitude. Altitude control is working, obstacle avoidance needs work. Flight is fully autonomous. A gyro is used for yaw control. No other gyros or accelerometers were used.

5 May 2008

Upgraded hovering vehicle

Upgraded version of hovering vehicle was tested on 2008/3/28. This test was under manual control. Passive stability is used for roll and pitch axes. No gyros or accelerometers are used. The balloon stabilizer in the previous version was replaced by an inverted umbrella stabilizer.

3 January 2008

Hovering vehicle

Experimental hovering vehicle was tested on 2007/12/31. This test was under manual control.

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