Flight Test Log 27



An experimental high-resolution camera was flown for the first time. The
purpose was to get empirical data for design of the reconnaissance
camera system.

The camera was a Sony DSC-T10, modified for external control of the shutter,
image stabilizer and power. Images were stored on an internal flash memory
card and downloaded after flight. Resolution was 3072 pixel x 2304 pixel
(7.2 MPixel). A total of 20 images were recorded during flight.

The camera was set to high-speed shutter mode and the optical image stabilizer
was active. Image quality was quite good, with very little motion blur. It is
not known whether the quality was due to the image stabilizer, high-speed
shutter or some combination of the two.


   Test_ID:  75
      Date:  2007/04/07 (Sat)
      Time:  18:14
      Wind:  Light breeze
   Vehicle:  SVC
     Scale:  55 %
      Mass:  1.2 kg (approx)
     Pilot:  Robert
    Camera:  Dave
  Launcher:  Frank
  Location:  PCC West Campus
 Elevation:  730 m                             (2400 ft)

One flight was done. Manual control was used. Flight duration was 341 s
(5.68 min). Performance of the airplane was marginal with the added weight of
the 165 g camera. Climb rate was barely adequate, and the pilot felt that
full throttle was required during most of the flight.

Click on each image for full-resolution versions (1.1 MB).

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