Flight Test Log 22



This was a sucessful test of GPS waypoint tracking, where the waypoints were
in the form of a square pattern 200 meters on a side. The airplane was stable
and autonomous for at least 546 s (9:06).

The flight path was roughly a circle of diameter 200 m. For an unknown reason
the center of the circle was offset from the center of the square by about
60 meters to the northeast. Also altitude hold needs work -- altitude seemed
to increase slowly during flight.

We did not notice appreciable phugoid oscillations during flight.

Note that we are not currently recording position or altitude. Estimates of
position and altitude are approximate and based on visual observation.

This is a repeat of test 50 (flight test log 20) after repairs to the motor
mount to correct a possible thrust line misalignment. Pitch trim is better
but still needs work. An unusual amount of nose-down trim is still needed.
The bent motor bracket doesn't entirely explain the problem.


   Test_ID:  52
      Date:  2006/08/16 (Wed)
      Time:  18:38
      Wind:  Light
   Vehicle:  SVC
     Scale:  55 %
      Mass:  978 g                             (2.16 lbm)
     Pilot:  Robert
    Camera:  Frank
  Location:  PCC West Campus
 Elevation:  730 m                             (2400 ft)

      Total flight time recorded:  596 s       (9:56)
 Autonomous flight time recorded:  546 s       (9:06)

Flight times are based on video data. The actual flight times are longer
because the entire flight was not recorded on video.

For this flight test, the airplane was in the same state it was in after
repairs that were completed on 20 July, except for minor changes to velcro
attachments for the motor controller and Flight Termination System.

Last updated 2006/08/17 FLM