Flight Test Log 16



Flight demonstration for Globe High School students.


   Test_ID:  46
      Date:  2006/05/05 (Fri)
      Time:  Noon (approx)
      Wind:  Breezy
   Vehicle:  SVC
     Scale:  41 %
      Mass:  --
     Pilot:  Frank
  Location:  Hagen Field, Globe Community Center

SVC 41 was flown under manual control as a demonstration for a small group
of Globe High School students at a picnic on 5 May. The airplane was small
and light enough (less than 430 g) that we were able to fly it at a
baseball field in the local area.

A panorama of the field is shown below. Incidentally, the panorama was made
by stitching together 3 separate shots using the excellent Autostitch
program, from David Lowe's web site.

The following 3 photos are courtesy of Globe High School and are linked from
their web site. For more photos check out GHS site here.

Picnic earlier in the day
(Globe High School photo)

Summarizing IARC competition and explaining function of camera test airplane prior to flight (Globe High School photo)
Flight demonstration (Globe High School photo)
The weather was breezy, which made the airplane a little difficult to control. On landing approach, the airplane was damaged when it collided with a powerline near the field boundary. Most of the damage was repaired after a few hours (see repair sequence below). Repair sequence, before and after Although the crash wasn't exactly planned, it allows us to highlight a critical advantage of our strategy of using a small, simple, lightweight air vehicle. We can demonstrate that most crash damage is easy to repair by gluing styrofoam pieces back together. Repair is usually much simpler than with larger, more complex airframes. Ease of repair can increase the confidence of team members, since they know they can recover quickly from a crash. ================================================================================ Last updated 2006/06/27 FLM