Flight Test Log 15



A profile of the Drop Vehicle was added to the 16 % subscale SVC in order
to increase rolling moment as a function of sideslip angle. Steering
was somewhat improved over previous tests in a throttle-only control


   Test_ID:  45
      Date:  2006/04/10 (Mon)
      Time:  14:36
      Wind:  Light breeze
   Vehicle:  SVC
     Scale:  16 %
      Mass:  30 g
  Location:  Scottsdale Community College

Approximately 8 flights were made, the longest being 35 s.

The objective of these tests were to determine whether attaching the Drop
Vehicle would improve steering control of the small SVC in throttle-only
control configuration. Steering had been problematic in previous tests. The
hope was that adding vertical surface area above the center of mass of the
combined vehicle would increase rolling moment due to sideslip angle.

The Drop Vehicle was simulated with a thin styrofoam profile attached to
the top of the UAV as shown below:

Video of longest flight (3.0 MB)

Results -- the vehicle was observed to have smooth and stable turns in both
left and right directions, which seemed an improvement over previous tests.
The degree of control over turns was uncertain, however, which might have
been because a low-cost radio was being used on 27 MHz. This frequency band
is prone to interference, especially in an urban environment (Scottsdale,

The vehicle continues to be a bit underpowered.

Last updated 2006/4/12 FLM