Flight Test Log 12



The objective of this flight test was to record video of two test buildings
with the IARC symbol attached to one of the buildings. The side-looking camera
pitch angle was about -30 deg w/r/t the X-Y plane of the vehicle. Previous
tests used an angle of about -45 deg, which seemed excessive.

The UAV was flown twice under manual control. On both flights, good quality
video was recorded from the airborne camera. The test building can be seen in
two frames extracted from the video (below).

       Click on photos to compare with manually-created VRML models.

On the first flight, the pilot forgot to use sunglasses and nearly lost visual
contact -- and control -- when the UAV flew into the sun. At about the same
time the fuselage hatch separated in flight. Fortunately control was
maintained and landing was uneventful.

On the second flight (this time with sunglasses), both the fuselage hatch and
boattail separated in flight. The separation was caught on video and frames
were extracted. Again control was maintained and landing was uneventful.

Regarding the separations -- the fuselage components were attached to the
airframe base with adhesive tape, and lack of adhesion was the probable cause
of the separations. The basic airframe is several years old and has been flown
many times. Accumulated dirt, fingerprints, repairs and spackling compound are
probably interfering with tape adhesion.

In the future, we may consider just leaving off the two components in some
cases, to make it easier to get access to internal equipment. Flight control
seems to be OK without the components, and the only times we really need them
are to carry the Drop Vehicle, or to minimize drag.


   Test_ID:  42
      Date:  2006/03/24 (Fri)
      Time:  17:12
      Wind:  --
   Vehicle:  SVC
     Scale:  41 %
      Mass:  --
  Location:  PCC-West
     Pilot:  Frank

   Flight 1 duration:  76 s    (1.27 min)

   Flight 2 duration:  150 s   (2.50 min)

Last updated 2006/4/5 FLM