Here's where you get to assess your current knowledge level and monitor your progress. Repeat the quiz (identification takes lots of practice), watching your score increase, until you are happy with your knowledge level. Practice with real plants and animals whenever possible.

Give yourself 1 point for correct ID and spelling.
Give yourself 1/2 point for correct ID but incorrect spelling.

Note: click on #s below to see quiz picture; click on name to see spotlight
A = 10 points. Excellent!
B = 9 points. Good Job!
C = 8 points. Okay.
K < 8 points. Keep Practicing.

1. Arizona Sycamore (Platanus wrightii)
2. Foothill Paloverde (Parkinsonia microphylla)
3. Velvet Mesquite (Prosopis velutina)
4. Coursetia [Baby Bonnets] (Coursetia glandulosa)
5. Catclaw Acacia (Acacia greggii)
6. Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis)
7. Mexican Paloverde (Parkinsonia aculeata)
8. Blue Paloverde (Parkinsonia florida)
9. Desert Ironwood (Olneya tesota)
10. Whitethorn Acacia (Acacia constricta)
11. Tamarisk (Salt Cedar) (Tamarix ramosissima

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