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VINES (22 Species)
from Rondeau et al. (1996)

Herbs wi | sc | lo | lo-r

Common Name Scientific Name Family LS D A
desert vine Janusia gracilis Malpighiaceae p w 2vc
milkweed vine Cynanchum arizonicum Asclepiadaceae p w 3c
milkweed vine Matelea parvifolia Asclepiadaceae p w 4uc
  Nissolia schottii Leguminosae p w 4uc
morning glory Ipomoea barbatisepala Convovulaceae a s 3c
morning glory Ipomoea hederacea Convovulaceae a s 3c
vetch Vicia ludoviciana Leguminosae a s 3c
snapdragon vine Maurandya antirrhiniflora Scrophulariaceae p s 3c
pipe vine Aristolochia watsoni Aristolochiaceae p s 4uc
climbing milkweed Sarcostemma cynanchoides Asclepiadaceae p s 4uc
coyote gourd Cucurbita digitata Cucurbitaceae p s 4uc
Tumamoc globeberry Tumamoca macdougalii Cucurbitaceae p s 4uc
scarlet creeper Ipomoea cristulata Convovulaceae a l 3c
wild balsam apple Echinopepon wrightii Cucurbitaceae a l 3c
rosary bean Rhynchosia senna Leguminosae p l 3c
  Phaseolus filiformis Leguminosae a-p l 4uc
Texas virgin's bower Clematis drummondii Primulaceae p l 4uc
  Matelea producta Asclepiadaceae p l 5r
morning glory Ipomoea costellata Convovulaceae a l 5r
mile-a-minute vine Merremia dissecta Convovulaceae p l 5r
coyote melon Apodanthera undulata Cucurbitaceae p l 5r
tepary bean Phaseolus acutifolius Leguminosae a l 5r

LS = lifespan (p = perennial; a = annual; a-b = annual or biennial; a-p = annual or perennial)
D = distribution (w = widespread; s = scattered; l = local)
A = abundance (1a = abundant; 2vc = very common; 3c = common; 4uc = uncommon; 5r = rare)

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