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The links to the PowerPoint presentations are onMyPima under Drive. Use the PowerPoint slide shows to learn the material and use the Self-Quizzes to prepare for the Exams.

The PowerPoint presentations serve to provide you with the content for this course. They are organized so that the number at the beginning of the PowerPoint file name corresponds to the Exam number that will test your knowledge of the content on that presentation. Use the appropriate self-quizzes to test your understanding of the material.

When you open one of the PowerPoint files, you next need to type the F5 button or click Slide Show and then View Show to see the PowerPoint file as a presentaton. You move through the slide show by typing the right and left arrow buttons to move forward and reverse. Left-clicking the mouse button also moves you forward. To move backward, right click the mouse button and then click on Previous.

If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download a PowerPoint Viewer for free.