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1. What are the names we give plants based on how long they live?

2. Name the major growth forms of plants?

3. Define succulent.

4. What is the sex organ of most plants called?

5. Identify, name and give the common function of the parts of a flower.
flower diagram

6. What are the two main types of flowers based on the presence/absence of functioning stamens/pistils?

7. What are the two types of plants with imperfect flowers called?

8. What are the three parts of a leaf? Be able to draw a simple leaf and label the 3 parts.

9. What are the four most common leaf blade structures and be able to draw each?

10. What are the three main categories of blade edge given in class?

11. What are the three positions of leaves along a stem?

12. What are the four major stages in the life of a flowering plant?

13. What are some cues used by plants to know when to germinate?

14. What are the two main ways plants use to reproduce?

15. List the steps in sexual reproduction in flowering plants.

16. Where are sperm and eggs produced?

17. Define pollination.

18. What are the different kinds of pollen vectors?

19. Describe double fertilization and seed production.