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1. Define habitat and niche.

2. Define indicator species.

3. Name and define the two elements of ecosystem stability.

4. Define ecological succession.

5. Name and define the 5 major types of interrelationships among organisms and be able to recognize them.

6. Define energy, energy quality, and energy efficiency.

7. Give the first and second laws of thermodynamics and their applications.

8. What is a food web? Know what can happen when one is altered.

9. Name and define the trophic levels.

10. On average, how much energy is transferred and lost between trophic levels?

11. What is a food chain?

12. What is net primary productivity?

13. Which biome has the greatest total net primary productivity? Which have the greatest net primary productivity per square mile?

14. Define keystone species.

15. What is meant by ecosystem services?