BIO 105 Home

Recommended Use: Study the material first. When you think you know the material well enough, take out a blank piece of paper and take the appropriate quiz (important: do not look at any of the answers until you are finished taking the quiz). After you have answered all questions, grade your quiz. Repeat until you get a "good" grade on the self quiz. See the Fail Safe Study Technique.
Notice: there is no guarantee that all material covered in class and on the quiz is covered in the self-quiz; however, taking these self-quizzes should better prepare you for the class quizzes.

PowerPoint Presentations are on MyPima ( Click on the Academics Tab, then click on "Click here" in the My Courses box, then click on Environmental Biology, then click on "Files" under the Course Tools. Click on the folder called Lecture ppts, and then click on the file you want to view. Make sure you either have PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer on your computer. After opening the file, type the F5 button to go into Slideshow mode.

Note: being updated as we proceed through the semester.