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Anthony P. Pitucco, Ph.D.







   Email: apitucco@pima.edu



Anthony (Tony) Pitucco is a faculty member at Pima Community College, West Campus in Tucson, Arizona where he is currently the Department Chair of the Physical and Geological Sciences.  He also teaches in the mathematics,  philosophy, and humanities  departments at PCC.  Dr. Pitucco  holds a B.S. in Physics (1970), a M.Ed. in Philosophy and Foundations of Education (1975), a M.S. in Mathematics (1983), and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in the area of mathematical physics (1991) all from the University of Arizona.  

Dr. Pitucco has written and administered a number of professional grants from The National Science Foundation, Research Corporation, and The Dreyfus Foundation, which have been designed to allow students to participate as research assistant internships, at the University of Arizona, in the areas of physics, astronomy, mathematics, engineering, and other related areas.

He has also participated in and chaired a number of local, state, and national tasks forces on education, the impact of emerging educational technologies, and the role of mathematics and science education through both the Department of Education and The National Science Foundation.  He is most pleased to have been invited to be a participant of the Oxford University Round Table  in 2007/2008/2009 and also invited to be a delegate to the 2007 People to People Ambassadorís Program in China.

        Being actively involved in higher education since 1971 he has been recognized both locally and nationally and has received the Dr. Wayne McGrath Outstanding Faculty Award (1993); the Outstanding Faculty Award at Pima Community College (1993); was named the Arizona Professor of the Year in 1994 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Science, and, in the same year, was selected by The Nisod/USA Today to receive the Teaching Excellence Award Top 50 Professors in the USA.  He has also published in professional journals such as The Oxford Round Table Forum on Public Policy, Astrophysics and Space Science and The Physics Teacher, and also in Nisodís Innovative Abstracts.  Apart from this, he is most pleased to have co-authored and published a middle school text on introducing science and mathematics to children entitled "The Restaurant at the Beginning of the Universe: Exploring the Wonderment of the World Through Physics".  Dr. Pitucco is also actively involved in the research areas of gravitation, time asymmetry, general relativity, differential geometry, and, the study of the physical and mathematical foundations of time.

     Apart from his professional life, he enjoys a number of other activities such as bicycling, indoor rock climbing, skiing, scuba diving, exercise, theater, opera, travel, and to explore new and interesting activities which are challenging and broaden his experiences.