Welcome to Brad Fiero's WC Biology Dept Page

Brad Fiero, Chair
West Campus, Tortolita E-207
Telephone: 206-6897

WC Course Coordinators
Tentative Schedules: F15, Sp16, Su16
WC Adjunct Faculty Application: Fall/Spring (pdf)| Summer (pdf)
WC Adjunct Faculty Handbook (revised 8/15)
PCC Syllabus Checklist (Spring 2016): pdf , doc, or docx
Syllabus naming: [termcode]-[courseprefix&number]-[CRN]-[facultyusername] Example: 201620-BIO109IN-20616-bfiero
SLO Process
Attendance Tracking Info
regarding excused absences, holidays, etc.
PERT Grant (Postdoctoral Excellence in Research & Teaching)
AZ Course Equivalency Guide and other information

last updated December 9, 2015