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Tucson, Arizona sits in the Sonoran Desert, one of the most biologically rich areas in the United States. We are nearly surrounded by mountains (Setting), enjoy five seasons (Climate), and share our area with many fascinating plants (Plants) and animals (Animals) that have adapted (Adapting) to our desert conditions. Abbreviated lists of print and online resources and places to visit (Resources) have been included for you to extend your knowledge beyond the introduction provided here. My hope is that this website expands your awareness and appreciation of the many natural history stories that unfold every day around Tucson.

Note: if you are a BIO 109 student, please see the site designed specifically for the class.

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The Site Map is the Table of Contents for this site (some material is easily accessible only from the site map)(notice that a link to the site map appears at the bottom of virtually every page). Your screen area should be 800 X 600 or higher to best view this website; see How to Use this Site for more design features (and to find out how to change your screen area). Also, I have included Acknowledgements and Copyright pages. Please Email Me ( any suggestions you have to make this site better!

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The navigation bar above appears at the top of virtually every page in this website. Click on the logo to return to this page -- the home page -- at any time (and to watch the "sun" set and the coyote begin hunting as dusk settles over the Tucson Mountains). Click on any of the buttons to the right of the logo to jump to each major section of the website. Please note that I am keenly aware of the critical and fascinating role people have played in the desert ecology of Tucson, but I have chosen, at this point, not to include these stories due to my own lack of professional expertise in this area. I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful and interesting.

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