Postdoctoral Excellence in Research and Teaching (PERT)
Steps for PERT postdocs to take before, during, and after teaching at PCC


  1. Choose PCC mentor (see
  2. Choose course to teach (see
  3. Semester prior to teaching
    1. Observe mentor teaching course
    2. Obtain all course materials (e.g., textbook, etc)
    3. Prepare syllabus/schedule and other materials for course (submit materials to the bookstore for purchase by students)
  4. Teaching Semester: Before classes begin
  5. Teaching Semester: during the semester
    1. Invite PCC faculty mentor to observe your class for at least 3 lectures and 3 lab sessions.
    2. If you cannot make a class session, please let your teaching mentor know as soon as possible so that he/she can teach your class that day. However, if the teaching mentor cannot meet his/her class, then he/she should get a substitute teacher rather than ask you to teach the class (because there is not a way to compensate you).
    3. Check your class list often to confirm who is enrolled and not enrolled. Students not enrolled should be sent to registrar to get enrolled.
    4. Submit 45th day class list
    5. Conduct PCC student evaluation (you probably want to give your own too).
    6. Submit Final Grades and turn in your grade spreadsheet to the Division office at the end of the semester.

PERT is funded by the National Institutes of Health MORE Division (Minority Opportunities in Research).

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