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1. Should I take a web based course?
Taking a web based course is an excellent opportunity for individuals who have a difficult time making the class meetings of a traditional course, and for those who simply enjoy working online. This course does require more self-motivation and discipline than a traditional course, and one must be especially careful not to fall behind.

2. Is a web based course easier than a traditional course?
NO. You will be learning the same material and skills here as you would in the traditional lecture/lab course.

3. How is the material presented?
Class material is in the form of PowerPoint presentations (available on MyPima; click on "Drive") and webpages.

4. What if I have difficulty understanding the material?
Feel free to contact me by email (, phone (206-6897) or in person (West Campus, Tortolita (E) Building Room E-207).

5. What do I need to be successful in this course?

6. How do I take the exams and identification tests?
The exams and identification tests are taken at the West Campus Assessment/Testing Center (see more info here on exams and tests) during the week they are scheduled. You must bring a picture ID to the Assessment Center. You do not have to take the exam and the identification test at the same time, but both must be completed by the end of the scheduled week. The WC Assessment/Testing Center is open M-Th from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (but exams are picked up at 6:45 pm) and Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (but exams are picked up at 4:45 pm). Please note that the WC Assessment/Testing Center stops handing out exams one hour and 15 minutes before closing (5:45 pm M-Th and 3:45 pm on Fridays), but you should allow yourself at least 2 hours to take each combined exam and identification test. If you cannot make these times, please contact me as soon as possible to make other arrangements.

7. What are the exams and identification tests like?
Exams may have multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, short answer, and long answer questions. Practicing the self-quizzes is good preparation for taking the exams. The identification tests will ask you to give the complete, correctly spelled, common name of plants/animals pictured. Exams should take about 2 hours to take, depending on your level of preparedness, and identification tests should take about 30 minutes to take.

8. What if I do badly on/miss an exam or identification test?
The exams and identification tests cannot be made up, but your lowest exam grade and lowest identification test grade will be replaced by the Final Exam grade and Final Identification test grade (if it is to your advantage).

9. Must I attend the Saturday Laboratory Meetings?
No, but I highly recommend attending both labs, especially Lab Day 1 because this is when we do the more complex labs (plant community study, wildflower/pollinator, and owl pellet labs). If you can also come to Lab Day 2, then you will have completed all your labs. But if you cannot, then you may also do all the laboratory assignments on your own if you prefer and going to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum on your own is expensive..

10. How do I submit assignments?
You will submit assignments by email ( Please always include your name and the topic of the email in the subject line of your email. When attaching documents to me (e.g., labs, natural history event report), please send Microsoft Word documents (I cannot always convert from other file types).

11. How will I know how I am doing in the class?
Your grades will be available online using D2L. This system will allow you to always know your grades in the class and to double check my bookkeeping.