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List of Topics and Signup

Objective: to learn more in depth about a subject of interest to the student and the class. To gain practice making and delivering a PowerPoint presentation.

Point Value: 60 points.


  • Choose Topic
    • Choose a topic not already chosen from the supplied List of Topics and Signup (other topics will be considered but must be pre-approved).
  • Conduct Literature Review
    • Sources must include at least one quality website and one quality non-website source.
    • See How to Cite Sources.
  • Create PowerPoint
    • Must be in outline format (no sentences) with a maximum of ~30 words per slide (use single words or short phrases).
    • Must use your own words.
    • Must cite sources. See How to Cite Sources.
    • Must contain images.
    • All text must be font size 20 or larger and must be clearly legible (not hidden among graphics).
    • See other Tips for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Present Topic to Class
    • Your presentation should be 7 minutes long (not counting questions); penalties occur if less than 5 min or more than 15 min.
    • If videos are shown, you still must talk for at least 5 minutes.
    • Face audience and minimize reading of notes
    • After presentation, ask for questions.

Scoring Rubric:

  • 10 pts: Literature Review: at least one quality book/magazine/journal article and one quality website fully cited.
  • 20 pts: PowerPoint Slides
    • Quality and depth of information
    • Quality of slides themselves (easy to read, with good images)
    • Sources cited
  • 30 pts: Presentation
    • Presentation length (5-15 minutes)(at least 5 minutes without video).
    • Presented in engaging style: minimal reading of notes, facing audience, voice inflection, etc..
  • Penalties: not 5-15 minutes long = (-10+ pts); late (-15+ pts). Points deducted for missed presentations (% missed).