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1. Uniformitarianism: processes acting today acted in past.
Original Horizontality: sediments are usually deposited in horizontal layers
Superposition: older layers lie below younger layers
Lateral Continuity: rock layers usually are deposited over wide area.
Law of Cross-cutting Relationships: intruding rock is younger than the rocks intruded.

2. Uniformitarianism: helps us interpret features that were produced long ago.
Original Horizontality: finding folds and tilted rock
Superposition: determining relative age of rock layers
Lateral Continuity: finding faults and erosional features.
Law of Cross-cutting Relationships: determining relative age of intrusions compared to surrounding rock layers

3. Tension, compression, shear (lateral)

4. Normal (tension), Reverse (compression), Strike-Slip (shear/lateral)

5. Anticline (compression), Syncline (compression)

6. see PowerPoint

7. Refer to your lab. When you give the steps, be sure to give the force (e.g., compression) and then the geological structure (e.g., anticline) in one step.