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  1. The Green Revolution improved crop yields in an effort to eliminate hunger through use of high-yield crop varieties, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, modern irrigation, and modern equipment.
  2. Advantage: Increased crop yields thus could feed more people. Disadvantage: Negative environmental and health effects and lack of sustainability.
  3. Advantage: Healthier and sustainable. Disadvantages: More expensive in short run, more blemishes, shorter shelf like.
  4. GMOs are genetically modified organisms -- organisms that have had their genetic information modified.
  5. Advantage: Higher yield and nutrition. Disadvantage: possible allergies and transfer to wild populations.
  6. Rose exponentially in the past, but beginning to level off.
  7. Rate of population growth and ability to increase food availability.
  8. Making more food available
    1. New land into productivity: convert land to agricultural production of food
    2. Increase yields: grow more food per acre
    3. Improve use of existing food supply: eating lower on food chain, better nutrition, better storage, better distribution
  9. Future potential for each
    1. New Land: very little potential; we're losing land as fast as converting land
    2. Increased Yields: we're maxing out on pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation, but there is potential in new crops
    3. Improve Use: there is potential here too