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1. What percent of Earth's water is useable fresh water for humans?

2. When water lands on the average piece of ground, what happens to the water?

3. Worldwide, most water is used by what sector for human use? Which are second most and third most?

4. Define the following terms: unsaturated zone, saturation zone, water table, aquifer, recharge area, discharge area, ground water mining, watershed.

5. What two things did I mention in class that should not be done to the recharge area of an aquifer?

6. What are the problems associated with overpumping groundwater?

Questions 7-9 are NOT on Quiz 16 on Monday April 18

7. What is the difference between point sources and nonpoint sources of pollution?

8. What are the three major types (stages) of wastewater treatment?

9. What happens to the effluent and biosolids generated in Tucson's main wastewater treatment plants (between Roger Road and Ina Rds)?