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1. What is the current world population size? U.S. population size?

2. What is our current rate of population growth world-wide?

3. What type of population growth is this?

4. Why did the human population show a sudden rise in population in the 19th century?

5. Define the following: crude birth rate, crude death rate, rate of natural increase, age structure, total fertility rate, replacement level fertility rate.

6. What is the replacement level fertility rate of MDCs vs LDCs and why is there a difference?

7. What are the two major types of overpopulation and compare MDCs to LDCs?

8. State and be able to use the rule of 70 to determine doubling time. For example, if a population is increasing at the rate of 10% annually, how long will it take for the population to double? quadruple?

9. Define carrying capacity. Why is it important?

10. What does cultural carrying capacity mean? What is the cultural carrying capacity if everyone lived like you?

11. What are some of the major factors that affect birth rates?

12. What are some major approaches to population control?