BIO 105 Home


  • Find an environmental biology-related event that you would like to attend and email your idea to your instructor for approval.
    • Examples: attend a presentation (e.g., environmental organization meeting), visit a special exhibit (e.g., Butterfly Magic at Tucson Botanical Gardens), attend a workshop (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, etc.).
  • Once you have your event approved, attend your event and then write a report and email it to the instructor.


  • Event must be at least one hour long.
  • Write your report independently and in your own words, using the format below.


Your Name
Name of the Event
Start and End Date and Times of Event (e.g., Oct. 20, 2013, 9:00 am - 11:15 am)
Location of Event
Who conducted the Event
Evidence of Attendance: picture of you obviously at event and ticket or signed note from speaker,

What I learned (in at least 300 words)(take notes and put them here and anything else you learned not in your notes)